Use Design Editor to create text links

1)In the Design Editor, select the insertion point for the link.

2)Click the Insert Hyperlink button hyper_but.png.

3)Select an option from the Link To menu. Specify the source location in the box.

4)If Display In Frame is selected, select an option from the pop-up menu.

Display In Frame

If the destination is a frame, this option defines the frameset for displaying the destination content. You can select the frame type or enter custom frame information. This option is unavailable for linking to topics.

Display In Auto-sizing Popup

Displays the destination topic in a pop-up window rather than in the viewer or browser. The window size adjusts to the content. If you have a long topic, use a custom-sized pop-up.

Display In Custom-sized Popup

Displays the destination topic in a pop-up window. To manually size the window, type a number in the Width and Height fields. If the text goes beyond the pop-up's height or width, the pop-up includes scroll bars. This option is available only for linking to topics.

5)Add tool tip text to appear when you hover over the link.

6)Select a local topic, bookmark, frame, or URL that exists in your project as the link destination. To filter the list, click the triangle.

September 30, 2016

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