Text-only pop-ups

Work with text-only pop-ups

Text-only pop-ups are short text passages, such as definitions, that appear when a user clicks a linked term. You can insert a text-only pop-up anywhere except in topic headers and footers. For longer text passages, or if you need graphics, use a regular pop-up.

Create text-only pop-ups

1)In the Design Editor, select the text.

2)From the Insert menu, select Text-Only Popup.

3)Type the pop-up text directly into the window.

Edit text-only pop-ups

1)Right-click the text-only pop-up and select Text Popup Properties.

To edit the text, type in the Popup Text box.

To edit background color, fonts, and margins, click in the appropriate box and make the changes. Your selections apply to text-only pop-ups you create in the future.

2)To test, click the View button View.png and select the text-only pop-up.

Remove text-only pop-ups

1)Right-click the pop-up and click Remove Text Popup.

September 30, 2016

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