Set up and manage external content search

1)Select Project > Open > Pods > External Content Search.

2)Use the following options to set up and manage external content search:


Click Add and specify search terms (separated by a comma, space, or semicolon) and the URL for the external content. Adding a title and a description is a good idea. Select any CBTs you want to apply. Click OK to save the entry in the SearchOptions.xml file in the project folder.


Select the entry you want to edit and click Edit. Modify the details and click OK.


Click Import and select the SearchOptions.xml file from a project to import the external content search settings of that project into the current project.


Click Export and select a folder to export the SearchOptions.xml file. Exporting the SearchOp­tions.xml file from one project to another is useful when two projects need to allow searching similar external content.


Specify a string to search for a particular entry. This option is useful when a project has many entries defined for external content search.

September 30, 2016

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