Navigate in the Link View pod

The icon in the center of the Link View pod represents the current topic. Lines on either side of the icon represent inbound and outbound links. Each line is color coded to denote the type of link.

1)Select Project > Open > Pods > Link View. Link View appears as a document in the Doc Pad.

2)Select the pod (workflow pane) from which to drag topics. Do any of the following:

To display topics from the Project Manager, select Project > Open > Pods > Project Manager.

To display topics from the TOC Composer, select Project > Open > Pods > TOC.

To display topics from the Index Designer, select Project > Open > Pods > Index.

3)Select a topic from Topics For, and then drag it into the center of Link View. Click the previous and next buttons to view the connected links.

4)To view another topic's links, in Link View, drag a topic on top of the one in the center of the group to display all links to and from it.

September 30, 2016

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