Link controls

About link controls

Link controls are navigational alternatives to the TOC and index. A link control works like a link and can appear as text, a button, or an image.

note:   When you update a topic, make sure that its link controls are up-to-date. Deleting a topic or changing a topic title, topic content, or filename can affect link controls.

Link controls function in the following ways:

Direct users to related topics and information. Link controls can save users time spent searching.

Organize information for different kinds of users.

Manage topic content by keeping information needed by multiple topics in a single topic and providing access to it from several places with link controls.

Manage topic layout by inserting link controls as objects rather than as long lines of links.

Types of link controls

Related Topics

Displays a list of topics that you specify. You change the related topics list by topic, according to user need. Related Topics controls require more maintenance than other link controls. If you add or remove topics, make sure that you add or remove the topics in each Related Topics control.

See Also

Displays a list of topics that you group into a logical category. All topics assigned to identical See Also keywords appear in a list when users click See Also. See Also controls require less maintenance than other controls because you define the group of topics in one location (not in each topic). Make sure that you update the See Also control when you add or remove topics. Automatic updates occur in each topic containing the control.

Keyword Links

Controls that let you use index keywords for navigation within topics. Indexes group related topics based on keywords. When a user clicks an index keyword, an associated topic list appears. If you add or remove an index keyword in the index or in topic properties, the control updates within each topic that contains it. Keyword Link controls are usable with main-level, or parent-index keywords.

Keyword link properties

Assign index file keywords and topic keywords from the index file to Keyword Link controls.

Keywords In Project

Display all keywords available for the control.

Keywords In Control

Display keywords assigned to the control.


Select the keyword from Keywords In Index. Select Add.


Select the keyword from Keywords In Control. Select Delete.

For HTML Help projects:

Set Remote Keywords Use keywords from other CHM files.note:    While similar to the Related Topics control, the See Also control has the added feature of being able to leave out of its list, the topic where it is placed. In addition, it can be automatically updated in each topic containing the control. This means that the control can be copy/pasted among associated topics.

September 30, 2016

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