Configure search experience

You can configure the search experience of end users in the following ways:

Show Total Number Of Search Results

(WebHelp and AIRHelp) Using this option, you can specify whether the total number of results for a search string entered by users should be displayed in the output. By default, this search option is enabled in both upgraded and new RoboHelp projects.

note:    In merged projects, child projects inherit the setting of the parent project.

Show topic context in search results

By default, the search results list shows the first 60 characters of each topic to give context. You can disable the display of context by using the SSL dialog box.

note:    Only WebHelp/Pro and FlashHelp/Pro support context in Help results. In Flash Help/Pro, the context appears as a tool tip.

Customizable search results list

(WebHelp/Pro) By default, ten search results appear at a time. In these two outputs, the Search pane contains an option for the maximum number of search results to show in a list.

Hide Rank column in search results

For WebHelp and WebHelp Pro output, you can hide the Rank column in search results to allocate more space for displaying search results. The Hide Rank Column In Search Results option is available in the Search tab of WebHelp layout properties. See Generate WebHelp output and Generate WebHelp Pro or FlashHelp Pro output.

September 30, 2016

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