Add search metadata

Search metadata comprises synonyms, topic keywords, and Stop Words.

To add or edit search metadata, do the following:

1)Select Edit > Search Metadata.

2)Do the following:


Select this option to define synonyms to allow for variations in search terms. For example, you can define "cursor," "pointer," and "mouse" as synonymous terms. If the search term is "mouse," RoboHelp returns all topics containing the word "cursor," with that term highlighted. For more information, see Change project settings.

Topic Keywords

Select this option to associate words or phrases to the current topic. Typically, you choose words or phrases that are relevant to the topic but are not found in the topic contents. For example, you can choose to associate the keyword "formatting" to a topic about fonts, styles, and point sizes. If the end user enters "formatting" as a search term, RoboHelp displays that topic even though it doesn't contain the word "formatting." When ranking search results, RoboHelp gives more weight to keywords than to search terms found in the body of a topic. For more information, see Change project settings.

note:    Keyword search is not available in Microsoft HTML Help (CHM).

Stop Words

Select this option to add common (minor) words, such as “a” or “the” in the Stop List file ProjectName.stp. RoboHelp ignores these words to display optimal and relevant search results. For more information, see Change project settings.

September 30, 2016

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