Add breadcrumbs to topics

1)Select Output > Open > Outputs (SSL).

2)Double-click the WebHelp/WebHelp Pro/FlashHelp/FlashHelp Pro layout, and do the following:

(WebHelp) In the Navigation pane, select Add Breadcrumbs Links, and click Format.

(WebHelp Pro/FlashHelp/FlashHelp Pro) Click Next. Select Add Breadcrumbs Links and click Format.

3)In the Layout area, select the placement and alignment for the breadcrumbs.

4)In the Text area, select or specify a name for the link to the main Help page, which appears on every topic page.

5)Select a separator for the Breadcrumbs.

6)Type a label that precedes the breadcrumbs trail. For example, you can add the static text "You are here" before the breadcrumb trail.

7)Preview the layout and formatting of breadcrumbs in the Preview pod.

8)Select a background color.

9)(Optional) Select Use Topic Level Format to use the default format settings.

10)(Optional) Click Format to change the default font settings.

11)Click OK, and then click Finish.

In the generated WebHelp, all the topic pages show a breadcrumb trail reflecting the TOC hierarchy.

September 30, 2016

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