Add Related Topics controls

tip:   Changes you make to titles or filenames are not applied to the Related Topics control.

1)In the Design Editor, click a location for the control.

2)Click the Insert > Related Topics.

3)Choose an option to show related topics as a button, which can be a label or an image, or to show related topics as text.

4)From Topics In Project, select a topic and click Add. Continue to add all topics you want to appear as related topics.note:    The URL box displays the location of the topic file linked, and Title shows the title of the topic page.

5)(Optional) Click Change to update the topic name in Related Topics.

6)Choose options to display in a Topics found dialog or in a pop-up menu.

7)Select an option to display the selected topic in a frame or new window.

8)Select display and font options.

9)Click Finish and then click the View button View.png to test.

note:   (Microsoft HTML Help) If the topic contains a Related Topics control, the links might not work properly because of a known Microsoft HTML Help bug. Consider using See Also controls, Keyword Link controls, or standard HTML links.

Related Topics wizard

Use the Related Topics wizard to change how a link for a Keyword Link or Related Topics control appears: as a button with text or an image, as plain text, or as a hidden control that works with scripts.


Defines how a control appears in a topic.


Displays a control as a square gray button with black text. The text in the box displays on the button. You can edit the label.


Displays a control as an image. The image filename appears in the box below this option. (You can't add a text label to an image or edit the label in RoboHelp.) To select an image, click the Browse button browsebut.png, and then select an image from the dialog box. Save the image as a Windows bitmap (BMP) and icon (ICO) file.


Displays a control as a text link (Example: More information).

Hidden (For Scripts)

Hides the control. Used for a topic to which you add a script. The control isn't visible in the topic. Work with a developer to configure a script.

(HTML Help Projects Only) If No Topics Are Associated With Any Of The Keywords, Disable The Button

If you create a Keyword Link control and then remove all the keywords assigned to the control, the control is disabled when a user opens the topic.

Choose Topic From

Defines how the list of topics is displayed when a user clicks a link control.

Topics Found dialog

Displays the list of topics in a Topics Found dialog box. The topic appears when a user selects a topic and then clicks Display.

Popup Menu

Displays the list of topics in a pop-up menu. Users select a topic to open it.


Specifies a frame in which to display a topic when the keyword is clicked. Custom framesets appear in the list.

For HTML Help projects using See Also or Keyword Link controls:

If no topics are associated with any of the specified keywords, disable the button

Disables the control if there are no topics associated with the control keywords. For example, if you create a Keyword Link control and then remove all the keywords assigned to the control, the control is disabled when users open the topic.

September 30, 2016

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