About breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are navigational links displayed in web pages of the Help system. These links outline the position of the page in the table of contents or the directory structure of the project. You can define breadcrumbs in a master page or a topic. They can also be configured at run time to appear on the top or bottom of a page.

The user can click a portion of the breadcrumb trail to go directly to a page. For example, if the trail is Home > Installation > Hardware Requirements, the user can click Installation to go directly to the Installation page.

Breadcrumbs are displayed in merged projects. The breadcrumb trail for a page in a merged project shows the position of the page with respect to the merged project and the master project.

For example, suppose the master project MultiCuisine contains the project AsianCuisine. AsianCui­sine in turn contains the project JapaneseRecipes. The breadcrumb trail for the topic “Common Japanese Ingredients” is as follows:

Home > MultiCuisine > AsianCuisine > JapaneseRecipes

Breadcrumbs are generated only in WebHelp, WebHelp Pro, FlashHelp, FlashHelp Pro, HTML Help, and AIR Help. For all other layouts, breadcrumbs are not generated, even if placeholders are present.

September 30, 2016

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