XML layout

RoboHelp uses handlers to convert XML to HTML and import XML files into topics. Handlers can also export topics or even entire projects as XML. You can create or customize XML handlers using the HDF Editor.

The following predefined handler files are available:

Import DocBook As Topics

Imports the selected DocBook files as HTML topics.

Import XHTML (*.XML)

Imports the selected XHTML files as HTML topics.

Import XML (CSS/XSL)

If the selected XML file has an associated style sheet (CSS or XSL file), this handler imports the XML file as an HTML topic, including formatting. If the selected XML file lacks an associated style sheet, this handler converts the XML file to an HTML file without formatting. This import option also provides advanced import options. You can import the XML file as text flow or tree flow or select a customized CSS or XSL file.

note:   If all the HDF files (and therefore handlers) have been deleted, you cannot access the XML import or output functionality. Use the XML Handler Manager to import an HDF file containing a handler or reinstall RoboHelp to enable this functionality.

September 30, 2016

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