Select and preview WebHelp or FlashHelp skins from the Skin gallery

1)In the Single Source Layouts pod, double-click a FlashHelp layout.

2)Click Gallery.

3)Select a skin. Click Preview to view it. Then click OK to select it.

4)Click Finish to generate the FlashHelp output.

The skin is added to the project and appears in the Skins project subfolder with a Flash icon flashhelp_default_icon.png.

FlashHelp vertical-style skins

In vertical-style skins, toolbar icons have tool tips. Tool tips appear when the mouse hovers over the button.

Prefix the names of these skins with “Vertical,” such as Vertical-Breeze.

note:   Vertical-style skins do not have a Search field in the toolbar.

Example of vertical-style skins


September 30, 2016

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