Screen layouts

Screen layouts help you define the look-and-feel of Multiscreen HTML5 or Responsive HTML5 SSL outputs. For example, using screen layouts, you can define what the topic page should look like, how the search page should behave, or what branding options to add. Screen layouts offer placeholders for different elements, such as Table of Contents, index, and glossary. This support gives you the flexibility to lay out the elements in the way you want.

Screen layouts contain XHTML screen layout pages (SLP) and their linked files, such as CSS, images, and multimedia assets.

An SLP has a set of placeholders and HTML content that define layouts for Multiscreen HTML5 or Responsive HTML5 SSL outputs.

note:    Each screen layout can have only one Search Results layout page and one Topic layout page. Generic layout pages can be more than one.

Default screen layouts are available in the Gallery folder of your RoboHelp installation. For Multiscreen HTML5 or Responsive HTML5 output, you need to create a screen layout based on an available screen layout in the gallery. RoboHelp copies all required files in a <screen_layoutname> folder under !ScreenTemplates! in the project hierarchy.

September 30, 2016

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