Prepare for printed documents


Printed document organization

Before generating, print a Table of Contents Report. Choose Tools > Reports > TOC. Place a check mark next to the topics for the printed document so that you can easily identify them when the document is generated.

For large documents (over 700-800 pages), create individual documents. Place more books at the root level in the printed document structure to create more DOC files. Otherwise, the printed document includes only several large files.

Styles and formatting

Ensure that both project styles and template styles are ready for generating.

Apply styles to all topic text

Inline formatting does not map to styles in Word and is converted as inline formatting.

Embedded styles do not map into Word. They are converted to inline styles. If any topics use embedded styles, link an external style sheet to the topic and apply styles to the text.

Apply styles to topic headings

To treat topics as separate sections instead of continuing text, ensure that all topic headings have a Heading Style. Also place them at the root level of the printed document structure.

If a custom heading does not use the RoboHelp heading style names in the format Heading[number], the topic doesn’t appear in the TOC. To solve this problem, modify one of the RoboHelp heading styles with settings from the custom heading style.

Use styles consistently

Printed documentation maps styles in the project to styles in Word.

Select a template

Custom template

RoboHelp Style template

A Word default template

Add new styles to the template

Analyze project styles to see how they map to Word. Create new styles as necessary. Consider the following:

Character styles

Styles can be mapped only to template styles of the same type. Create a matching character style before generating. Mapping is easier when template and project style names match. For example, create Word character styles.

Conditional text

Define conditional build expressions to exclude topics or topic content from printed documenta­tion. Excluded topics are denoted with a gray question mark icon printed_doc_toc_expr_ico.png in the Print Document Content dialog box.

Single-source layouts

Use with conditional build tags to customize output and save the settings.

Share style mappings from a printed documentation layout with other authors to ensure consis­tency. Import style mappings (ZPL file) into the project, or export mappings to another location.

September 30, 2016

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