Modify a screen profile

RoboHelp provides a set of screen profiles by default. Let’s modify a screen profile—iPhone—to understand the steps involved:

1)Expand Screen Profiles in the Output Setup pod.

2)Right-click iPhone and select Properties.

3)As necessary, modify one or more of the following settings:


Specify a name. For example, you can change iPhone to iPhone_New.

note:    If you try to include a space or a period in the screen name, RoboHelp replaces the space or the character with an underscore.


Select a predefined screen profile to populate the screen resolution ranges with predefined values. The Check for new screen profiles link enables you to access latest screen profiles uploaded on

Screen Resolution

Set the range of screen resolutions for the screen profile by specifying the minimum and maximum width and height.


Select browsers for the screen profile. RoboHelp provides a list of popular browsers. If you want to add to this list, make sure you specify a unique string from the browser agent or user agent of the browser.

Preview Settings

Click this to configure the settings for previewing the output with this screen profile. Define the dimensions of the window in which the content should be displayed. Select a device image for use in preview and specify the top-left position of the content window. If the settings look good, click Save.

4)Click Save to save the screen profile properties.

September 30, 2016

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