Generate, view, and publish output

Generate output to view it and test links, browse sequences, and other elements. Generating output also updates files containing information about the project and the output files.

Publishing the output (WebHelp and FlashHelp only) places the output files or folders at a specified location. The location can be a website, the local hard drive, or a network folder.

You can use a combination of WebHelp and WebHelp Pro output or Adobe AIR Application and Browser Based Help output to deliver Airplane Help, which is a popular name for integrated offline/online Help. Read this article to find out how to implement Airplane Help with WebHelp and WebHelp Pro output.

Delivering Airplane Help with Adobe AIR Application and Browser Based Help output is easier. Make sure that you select the Show Online Content option and publish Browser Based Help output to the location pointed by the server URL that you’ve specified. See Configure the Adobe AIR layout.

September 30, 2016

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