Generate WebHelp Pro or FlashHelp Pro output

1)Set the following options, and then click Next.note:    The order of some options varies according to the type of output you generate.

Project Name

Differentiates multiple versions of a project on a server, if you merge projects.


Specify an icon to associate with the Help system. The icon appears in the browser tab.

Output Folder And Start Page

Specifies a location and start page for the Help files. To choose a location for the output folder, click the folder button browsebut.png. To select a start page other than the default for the Help project, enter it using the .htm extension. The start page is a frameset for Help content to which file devel­opers link when calling the Help system from an application.

Conditional Build Expression

If you have conditional tags in the project, click Define to specify conditional build expres­sions.


Choose from the skins in the project, or click Gallery to select one from the Skins Gallery. Skins let you customize the output by changing the colors, buttons, text, fonts, and icons. A skin is required for FlashHelp output.

note:   The Skin option is disabled if you select the Section 508 Compliant Output option. Use the Traditional Style - No Skin option.

Table Of Contents

Select a table of contents to display in the generated Help.


Select an index to display in the generated Help.


Select a glossary to display in the generated Help.


Select a variable set to override the default variable set values in the generated Help.


Specify the output language for the layout if the language is different from the language of the project. RoboHelp uses this language setting for the UI strings and language-related UI elements in the preview and generated output.


Specify the character encoding format.

Default Topic

The topic that appears when Help opens. Click Select to specify a topic. By default, the first topic in the table of contents is the default topic.

Default Window

The container in which the Help displays. By default, the Help system opens in the user default browser window.

Exclude Unreferenced Topics From Output

Select this option to exclude any topic that exists in the project but is not the default topic in the layout or is not referenced from the selected TOC, index, or browse sequence, or any refer­enced topic.

note:    RoboHelp displays the unreferenced topics that are excluded from the output in the Output View pod.

Exclude Unreferenced Baggage Files From Search

Select this option to exclude any topic that exists in the project but is not referenced from the selected TOC or any referenced topic (if Exclude Unreferenced Topics From Output is selected). If Exclude Unreferenced Topics From Output is deselected, RoboHelp excludes baggage files that are unreferenced from any topic in the project.

Apply To All Topics

Select this option to apply master pages or CSS at the project level:

Master Page

The selected master page overrides the settings of all the individual topics with or without a master page applied to them in the project. The CSS and layout of the master page override the CSS and appearance of all the topics. If the selected master page does not have a header or footer, no topic displays a header or footer irrespective of if it had one header or footer defined.


The master pages associated with individual topics become effective. The selected CSS over­rides all the topics and their CSS irrespective of whether they are associated with a master page or not.

2)Set the following options, and then click Next.

Enable External Content Search

Select to display content from identified URLs outside the Help system. For information about how to specify URLs and associate them with search terms, see External content search.

Enable Highlight Search Result

Select to enable highlighting of search results. From the pop-up menu, select a color for the highlight.

Show Context In Search Result

Select to have the search results displayed along with the first few lines of the topic.

Hide Rank Column In Search Results

(WebHelp Pro) Select to not display the Rank column in search results.

Show Total Number Of Search Results

(WebHelp Pro only) Select to show the number of search results for a specific search string.

Allow AND Search In Output

(WebHelp Pro only) Select to display only those topics that have all the words that are specified without using quotation marks in the Search box. By default, RoboHelp performs OR search when a user types multiple words without enclosing them in quotation marks. This means that RoboHelp finds all topics that have any of the words specified in the Search box.

note:    AND search can be used in combination with phrase search.

Select the Enable AND Search By Default option if required. If you allow AND search disable it by default, end users have the option to enable it in the output.

note:    In merged projects, child projects inherit the setting of the parent project. In projects with DUCC (content categories), the setting applies to all content categories.

W3C Compliant Topics

For W3C-compliant topics, this option passes the topics through an HTML validator.

note:   Dynamic effects in styles aren’t supported in W3C-compliant output.

Add Mark Of The Web

Mark of the Web is a comment in the HTML markup for a web page. Internet Explorer 6 and later reference this comment to determine the security zone for the page on the user’s computer. Select this option to avoid having Internet Explorer block the output.

note:    Before merging projects, ensure that the Mark Of The Web option is either selected or deselected for the projects.

Add About Box

Click Add to specify information that appears in an About window that the user opens from the main toolbar.

Auto-Manage Flash Security

(FlashHelp Pro) If selected, the generated output path is copied to the local-trusted sandbox of Flash Player. Because of security changes in Flash 7 and later, place SWF files in the trusted security sandbox of Flash Player. RoboHelp maintains the RoboHelp[version].cfg file in the FlashPlayerTrust folder.note:   Dynamic effects in styles are not supported in W3C-compliant output.

Show Print Button In Skin

(FlashHelp Pro) Displays the Print button in the output.

Show Navigation Pane Link In Topics

Includes a link to the navigation pane in topics opened through context-sensitive Help.

Add Breadcrumbs Links

Select to add breadcrumbs in the topic pages.

3)Set the following options, and then click Save And Generate.


Specify a server location for the output. Enter Servername:port/context-name/server or https://Servername:port/context-name/server depending on the protocol you want to use. RoboHelp uses the http protocol by default.


Specify how to handle changes to files in the output:

Check For Deleted Files

If selected, RoboHelp HTML checks for files that have been deleted from the destination loca­tion and republishes them.

Prompt Before Overwriting Files

If selected, RoboHelp prompts you before overwriting files.

Republish All

Select to republish all files to the destination target. For master projects with a copy of the subproject in the subfolder, do not select Republish All. You then avoid overwriting output files already published to the same location.

note:    If you change the destination to a new host, specify the user ID and password and save the password in the registry, if necessary.

September 30, 2016

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