Generate JavaHelp output

1)Set the following options, and then click Save And Generate.

Select Output Folder And Filename

Name and location of output files.

Use Lowercase Filenames

Recommended for UNIX users or users accessing files on a UNIX server.

Conditional Build Expression

Click Define to specify conditional build expressions.

Default Topic

Click Select to select a topic to display when Help opens.

In-Topic Navigation Bar

Specify options for the navigation bar.

Table Of Contents

Select a table of contents to display in the output.


Select an index to display in the output.


Select a glossary to display in the output.


Select a variable set to override the default variable set values in the generated Help.


Specify the output language for the layout if the language is different from the language of the project. RoboHelp uses this language setting for the UI strings and language-related UI elements in the preview and generated output.


Specify the character encoding format if the web server to which you’re publishing has char­acter encoding different from UTF-8.

Exclude Unreferenced Topics From Output

Select this option to exclude any topic that exists in the project but is not the default topic in the layout or is not referenced from the selected TOC, index, or browse sequence, or any refer­enced topic.

note:    RoboHelp displays the unreferenced topics that are excluded from the output in the Output View pod.


Specify the JavaHelp version.


Select from the following options:

Uncompressed JavaHelp With Source Files

Generates HS files and individual source files.

Compressed JavaHelp JAR

Generates JAR and HS files.

Compressed JavaHelp With Source Files

Generates JAR and HS files, and individual source files.

note:   Generating JavaHelp source files empties the JavaHelp output folder.

Apply To All Topics

Select this option to apply formatting at the project level:

Master Page

The selected master page overrides the settings of all the individual topics with or without a master page applied to them in the project. The CSS and layout of the master page override the CSS and appearance of all the topics. If the selected master page does not have a header or footer, no topic displays a header or footer irrespective of if it had one header or footer defined.


The master pages associated with individual topics become effective. The selected CSS over­rides all the topics and their CSS irrespective of whether they are associated with a master page or not.


Navigation view properties and merging options.

2)If the JavaHelp JDK Requirement dialog box appears, select one of the following options:

note:    This dialog box appears if Sun Java 2 JDK or later isn’t installed.

Generate without Full-text Search

Click to generate output without full-text search functionality. The JavaHelp SubHelpSets dialog box appears.

Merge an external JavaHelp HelpSet (HS file) into the project.

Subhelp sets

Enter the full path (filename or URL) to the HelpSet (.hs) file.


Add the specified HS file.


Change the location of a SubHelpSet file already added. Highlight the file, change the path in the SubHelpSet box, and click Update.


Delete the selected SubHelpSet file.

Locate Java SDK Install Folder

Click to browse to the Java JDK install folder. Click Network to locate and map the folder on a network drive.

You can define the viewer class for a given MIME type by specifying the following information.


Enter the MIME type.


Enter a Java class for viewing the MIME type.

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