Generate EPUB 2.0.1 output

Prepare for generating the EPUB 2.0.1 output

1)Review your project content and apply CBTs to content not supported by the EPUB format (such as drop-down or expanded text).

2)Create the TOC for the EPUB output.

3)In the Single Source Layouts pod, right-click XML Output and select New Layout. Specify a name and click OK.

4)Select the TOC you created for the EPUB output.

5)Select or define the conditional build expression.

6)Click Save.

tip:   The sample projects available in your installation (accessible from the Starter pod) contain layouts that are configured for EPUB output. Check the settings of these layouts.

Run script to generate EPUB 2.0.1 output

1)Do one of the following:

Select Output > Generate > EPUB 2.0.1 Output.

Select Tools > Scripts > EPUB 2.0.1 Generator.

2)Specify a location to store the EPUB output.

3)Select the XML layout that contains the settings for the output.

4)In the Metadata tab, specify metadata to conform to the Open Packaging Format (OPF) spec­ification:


A title for the output. By default, RoboHelp displays the project name.


(Optional) The name of the author. To specify multiple author names, use comma as the separator.


(Optional) The name of the entity responsible for making the output available, for example, the author or the organization.


(Optional) The keywords to associate with the content.


(Optional) A statement about rights, for example, a copyright notice.


(Optional) A description of the content.


(Optional) An identifier conforming to the ISBN specification.

Publish Date

The date of publishing the output. Follow the format specified in DateandTimeFormats.


The language in which the content is written. For information about the format, see Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

5)In the Cover Page tab, browse and select the image you want to display on the cover page of the EPUB output.

6)In the ePub Validation tab, select Validate ePUB File and specify the location of the standard EPUB validator, epubcheck.jar.

7)Click Generate.

September 30, 2016

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