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Follow this procedure to edit WebHelp and AIRHelp skins from within RoboHelp. Changes to skin properties take effect the next time you generate using the skin. If you localize a project, default skin text is translated using the project language setting. If you edit skin text, RoboHelp overrides customizations in the LNG file.

note:    FlashHelp skins are edited with FlashHelp Skin Development Kit. See Customize FlashHelp skins.

1)In the Output Setup pod, expand the Skins folder.

2)Right-click a skin. Select Edit.

3)Depending on the skin type, WebHelp Skin Editor or Adobe AIR Help Skin Editor launches. Set options, as needed.

note:    Some options aren’t available, depending on the output type.

4)Click OK.

5)Click Update View to view changes in the dialog box. Click Preview to view the changes in a separate window.


Use URL icons for website links, or use folder icons instead of book icons.

To use TOC icons that are a different color, browse to the Image Gallery. The gallery is in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp [version]\ RoboHTML\gallery\images\Books_and_Pages. You can also edit the image color in a graphics editor.

When generating a project with custom toolbar items, select the custom button in the Naviga­tion dialog box.

To remove a button from a skin without deleting the image file, clear the option when you generate the project. Do not clear it in the WebHelp Skin Editor.

Additional files, such as image files or JavaScript files for buttons, reside in the Project Folder\!SkinSubFolder!\<Skin Name>. The skins reside in separate subfolders in the !SkinSub­Folder! folder.

To specify a script that uses other files (such as HTML files or image files), copy these files to the skin subfolder under !Skinsubfolder!.

September 30, 2016

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