Distribute JavaHelp

Distribute the following files and components:

If the project is compressed, distribute the JAR file.

If the project is not compressed, distribute all source files in the output folder.

JavaHelp 1.1.3 or later components.

Java Runtime Environment file (JRE), or have users download it from the Sun website.

If the project contains related topics buttons, distribute the Bsscjhrs.jar file.

Output files for JavaHelp

Output File



HelpSet file. Points to a set of map files and defines associated navigational views (TOC, index, and search).


Compressed JavaHelp file (optional) containing all project output.


Default cascading style sheet file applied to all project topics.


Index file describing content and layout for the index view.


Map file associating Help topic IDs to HTML files with relevant content, and Window Types. Used in the API for context-sensitive calls, TOC, and index.


TOC file describing content and layout for the TOC view.

September 30, 2016

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