Customize FlashHelp skins

You can customize FlashHelp skins by replacing elements in an existing skin with elements from another skin. If you’re a skilled Flash developer, you also can create a skin with Adobe Flash or the RoboHelp Skin Development Kit.

The SDK includes instructions for using the kit and tips and tricks.

Customize or create a skin with Flash

Use an existing compressed skin file (FHZ) from the RoboHelp Skin Gallery or create one.

1)Download the Flash SDK from and make changes to the skin.

2)When finished with skin editing, share the compressed skin file (optional). Then, import the skin into the project.

3)Preview the skin.

4)When generating a FlashHelp layout, select the skin from the FlashHelp Options dialog box.

Modify the skin without Flash

FlashHelp skins are composed of Flash skin files (SWF files). Each SWF file is used for different skin elements, such as toolbar buttons and icons. Use Windows Explorer to replace individual SWF files in an existing skin with the SWF files of another.

1)Ensure that the project contains all the skins to use by importing them.

2)Navigate to !Skinsubfolder!\[skin name].

3)Open the skin subfolder that contains the SWF files to copy.

4)Right-click the SWF file and select Copy.

5)Open the skin subfolder containing the SWF files to replace.

6)Paste and replace the files.

7)In RoboHelp, when you generate the project, select the newly modified skin in the FlashHelp Properties dialog box. When project generation has finished, click View Result to test the skin.

September 30, 2016

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