Create custom skins for Adobe AIR projects

Adobe AIR Help Skin Editor helps you create and edit skins for Adobe AIR projects.

1)In the Output Setup pod, right-click the Skins folder. Select New Skin.

2)Do one of the following:

Select Create Skin From Gallery. Click OK. Click the Adobe AIR tab. Select a skin. Click OK.

note:    Adobe AIR project skins are associate with templates. So selecting a skin also means selecting the template with which the skin is associated.

Select Create Custom Adobe AIR Skin. Select a template and specify a skin name. Click OK.

3)In Adobe AIR Help Skin Editor, fine-tune the palette, the font style, and the icon set.

Fine-tune the palette

Select a palette from the available palettes and fine-tune it by changing the colors of various parts of the template. Use the Hue, Saturation, and Contrast values to make finer adjustments.

1)In Available Palettes, click a palette. Use the Next and Previous buttons to browse through palettes available in RoboHelp Gallery.

2)Change the background colors to customize the palette. Do any of the following:

Move the pointer over each background color. The preview shows where the color is used.

Click a background color and select another color from the color picker.

Adjust hue, saturation, and contrast with the sliders. Selecting the check box below a background color lets you adjust the hue, saturation, and contrast for only that color.

note:    You can save a customized palette in the gallery. Specify a name for the customized palette in the Selected Palette box and click Save. You can also remove customized palettes by deleting the XML file from %Application Data%\Adobe\RoboHTML\[version]\AIRSkinEd­itor\ColorThemes.

Modify font properties

Font properties include font type and font color.

1)Select a font from the drop-down list in Font Properties.

2)Style 1

Sets the font of text displayed on the header, footer, and main taskbar.

Style 2

Sets the font of disabled and mouseovertext.

Style 3

Sets the font of pod text.

Customize icons

Each template includes an icon set. You can change the icon set and edit the icon set by replacing existing icons with new icons. You cannot add or delete icons from an icon set.

While replacing icons, maintain the default icon dimensions for best results. For example, if the dimensions of the default Add Comment button are 16x16, make sure that the new image has the same dimensions.

note:    Supported file types for icons are .jpg, .gif, and .png.

To change the icon set, click Select New Set. Select an icon set from the drop-down list and click Select.

To edit the current icon set, click Edit Current Set. Select the icon you want to customize. Click Browse and select the image file that contains the new icon. Click Apply after you have replaced the image for each icon state.

note:    If you cancel editing the skin after selecting a new icon set or applying changes to icons, these changes are not canceled.

September 30, 2016

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