Batch-generate output

Batch-generating output eliminates the need to wait for each output to finish processing before starting the next one. You can publish output from different layouts to different locations. Batch-processing saves time if you use conditional build tags to test, view, or distribute different outputs.

Layouts are processed in the order they appear in the Batch Generate dialog box.

important:   During generation, RoboHelp deletes the output folder files created in the last session. If you add or hand-code files in the output subfolder, copy them to another location before generating the output.

1)In the Single Source Layouts pod, right-click a layout.

2)Select Batch Generate.

3)Select the layouts for the outputs to generate.

4)Click Generate or Publish.


Generating WebHelp or WebHelp Pro requires a browser.

To generate printed Word documents for the first time, enable macros in Word.

Publish is available only if destinations for the selected WebHelp layouts are defined.

Check the status of a generation in the Batch Generate dialog box. For a status of Failed, check the compiler messages in the lower pane to resolve the problem. For WinHelp projects, generate the project in the Layout wizard and use Error wizard to locate the problem.

View published WebHelp or WebHelp Pro output from the server to see changes and server-dependent features.

September 30, 2016

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