Add a screen profile to the project

1)In the Output Setup pod, right-click Screen Profiles and select New Screen Profile.

2)Select a predefined screen profile. RoboHelp displays the screen profile settings.

note:    You can click the Check for new screen profiles link to download a screen profile of your choice. Save the downloaded file—predefined_screens.xml—in AppData\Roaming\Adobe\RoboHTML\10.00 and <robohelp install folder>\RoboHTML\presets. RoboHelp updates the list of predefined screen profiles.

3)Modify the settings if required.

4)Click Save. RoboHelp creates the new screen profile and displays it in the project hierarchy under Screen Profiles.

tip:   You can reuse the settings for an existing screen profile to create one. Right-click a screen profile in the project hierarchy and select Duplicate Screen Profile.

September 30, 2016

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