Add a screen profile to a Multiscreen HTML5 SSL

By default, a Multiscreen HTML5 SSL includes a set of predefined screen profiles. If you want to add any other screen profile that your project contains, do the following:

1)In the Single Source Layouts pod, right-click the Multiscreen HTML5 SSL and select Proper­ties.

2)In the Multiscreen HTML5 Settings dialog box, click Screen Profiles in the left pane.

3)Click Add Screen Profile(s). A list of screen profiles available in the project is displayed. By default, all are selected.

note:    You can remove a screen profile from the SSL by deselecting the check box to the left of the screen profile. RoboHelp retains the screen profile in the project until you delete it from the Output Setup pod.

4)Click OK.

5)Click Save. If you now generate output using the Multiscreen HTML5 SSL, RoboHelp gener­ates output for the new screen profile.

September 30, 2016

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