What’s new in RoboHelp (release 2015)

Output searchability enhancements

Dynamic Content Filters

Create dynamic filters in your Responsive HTML5 output to empower your users to find the relevant content faster.

Leverage RoboHelp’s existing conditional tags and expressions to create filters that allows your end users to dynamically filter the Responsive HTML5 output. The feature also enables you to easily single-source your content by applying tags and expressions on the appropriate content.

For more information, see Generate dynamic content output

DUCC enhancements

Use the new dynamic content filters to create enhanced DUCC output that generates only one set of HTML5 files regardless of the number of expressions used. Easily migrate your current DUCC outputs to new, more efficient ones based on dynamic content filters.

For more information, see Generate dynamic user-centric content (DUCC)

Dynamic Content Filter support in context-sensitive Help

Application developers can use context-sensitive Help calls to invoke the precise topics using filters.

The as an application developer, you simply need to identify the content filter that displays the context-specific content. Then use the Help URL with the relevant arguments in the content-sensitive Help call in RoboHelp.

For more information, see Context-sensitive help for filtered dynamic content

Debug dynamic content filters

Now see how filtered content will look for different combinations of filters by easily testing dynamic content using the Tagged Output view. The view also clearly displays the tags in the output at the locations where they are applied in the content.

For more information, see Test the dynamic content filter

September 30, 2016

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