User interface enhancements

Easy to use Ribbon Interface

Work more productively with a modern, workflow-centric, ribbon user interface. The new interface is designed to help you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task. RoboHelp commands are organized into logical related groups and put together under sepa­rate tabs. Each tab relates to a type of RoboHelp activity, such as editing, reviewing, or output generation.

For more information, see Workspace overview

Find and replace enhancements

Work faster with bidirectional and multiline searches in the TOC, files, and index pods. Set the search scope to the current project or window, a specific folder, or all open files. Zip through search results in Design mode, and easily edit topics by double-clicking them.

Search and replace text in an HTML editor, an index, and a table of contents.

For more information, see Find and replace

Named conditional build expressions

Easily manage a large number of conditional expressions in a project by giving them descrip­tive, easy-to-remember names. Eliminate the hassle of having to decipher the logic each time you need to use expressions.

The enhanced dialog box allows you to easily create new named expressions, and rename and delete existing expressions.

For more information, see Conditional build tag expressions

Enhanced conditional indicators

Maintain readability of content even when multiple tags are applied, using enhanced condi­tional tags indicators. With the new overline, easily find the tags that have been applied and where the conditions change within a topic. Besides content in topics and snippets, RoboHelp also applies the same overline conditional indicators on Project Manager objects, such as topics or items in a TOC.

For more information, see Apply conditional build tags to topic content

Remember project state

Enjoy the convenience of having projects opened in exactly the same state in which they were closed. No need to remember which topics and pods were opened last; RoboHelp automati­cally restores them.

You also have the option to switch off this behavior if you do not want RoboHelp to remember the project state.

For more information, see Set the default language and other preferences

Adobe Captivate support

Easily integrate HTML5 and SWF content created with the latest release of Adobe Captivate into your RoboHelp files. Enhance your Help content with show-me demos, how-to movies, and interactive quizzes.

Colored and grayscale icons

Now choose to use colored or grayscale icons in the new RoboHelp user interface.

For more information, see Workspace overview

Out-of-the-box themes

Choose from four out-of-the-box color themes to customize the look of the new ribbon user interface.

For more information, see Workspace overview

Auto-hide ribbons

Maximize the document viewing area using auto-hide ribbons. The ribbon toolbar stays hidden while you are working, but appears as soon as you click on a tab. And then disappears when you’re done with working on the commands in the tab.

For more information, see Workspace overview

Quick Access Toolbar customization

Work faster than ever by keeping your most frequently used operations at your fingertips. Customize the Quick Access toolbar with any operation supported in the main toolbar. In the Customize dialog box, easily add the commands that you need and remove the ones that you don’t often work with.

For more information, see Workspace overview

Find topics and images in Project Manager

Easily find where topics and images within topics are located in Project Manager.

For more information, see Locate topics or images in Project manager

Easy update of CSS styles

Change the formatting of a paragraph in a topic or snippet and the use the Update Style command to change the formatting of all similar paragraph across the entire project.

For more information, see Update inline styles

September 30, 2016

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