Tracking and reporting

Adobe RoboHelp Server provides end users with the ability to find information when they have questions. Users can view content using any standard browser and operating system. Any number of users can access the published documents.note:    You can define the maximum number of database connections for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database management systems through the maxload property in the file.

RoboHelp Server tracks the following types of data:

Where users request assistance: Identifies the location where users make repeated requests for specific information.

How users search: Searches that users perform repeatedly. This data can be mined to move frequently searched information to a more prominent position in the content for easier access. You can also use this information to find information gaps and to improve heading titles for more intuitive navigation.

How users navigate online content: Tracks how users seek information in online content and how frequently they access particular information such as headings and articles. This informa­tion is available at a topic level.

RoboHelp Server tracks the entire operating system and browser details. You can use this information to improve the content quality for browsers preferred by users.

September 30, 2016

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