Services, downloads, and extras

You can enhance your product by integrating various services, plug-ins, and extensions in your product. You can also download samples and other assets and see various resources to get your work done.

Adobe Exchange

Visit the Adobe Exchange at to download samples as well as plug-ins and extensions from Adobe and third-party developers. The plug-ins and extensions can help you automate tasks, customize workflows, create specialized professional effects, and more.

Adobe downloads

Visit to find free updates, trials, and other useful software.

Adobe Labs

Adobe Labs at gives you the opportunity to experience and evaluate new and emerging technologies and products from Adobe. At Adobe Labs, you have access to resources such as these:

Prerelease software and technologies

Code samples and best practices to accelerate your learning

Early versions of product and technical documentation

Forums, wiki-based content, and other collaborative resources to help you interact with like-minded users

Adobe Labs fosters a collaborative software development process. In this environment, customers quickly become productive with new products and technologies. Adobe Labs is also a forum for early feedback. The Adobe development teams use this feedback to create software that meets the needs and expectations of the community.

Adobe forums

To reach out to experts in the Adobe RoboHelp community, visit­help_forum_en. If you comment on a Help page, the comment is automatically posted on the forum. The experts and other users can respond to your comment.

Adobe TV

Visit Adobe TV at to view instructional and inspirational videos. The Technical Communications channel features videos relevant for technical communicators. The videos on the RoboHelp channel help you get started.

RoboHelp sample projects and output

Visit the RoboHelp resources page and download sample projects created with RoboHelp and other resources, such as workspaces and applications configured for implementing context-sensitive Help.

RoboHelp Developer Center

Visit RoboHelp Developer Center for articles written by internal and external RoboHelp users on various user-requested topics.

Previous RoboHelp Help

Download the documentation of older versions of RoboHelp from the RoboHelp Help hub page.

September 30, 2016

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