Publishing enhancements

New Responsive HTML5 layouts

Now use the highly customizable Responsive HTML5 layouts to deliver an amazing content consumption experience. Configure search, and show context and breadcrumbs in the results. Easily show or hide widgets, such as glossary and TOC. Convert the layout to right-to-left languages just by changing one property.

Provide users personalized experiences by customizing the function bar, side bar, TOC, and dynamic content filter for different devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet. You can also customize the media queries for mobile and tablet devices.

RoboHelp Server 10 support for Responsive HTML5 output

Publish Responsive HTML5 output to RoboHelp Server 10 to enable end users to access content on a multitude of devices, including mobile devices. Your content is rendered seam­lessly on all screen sizes. With the support for dynamic content filters in HTML5, your end users can easily access personalized content.

Enhanced search results in HTML5 layouts

Provide better context about search results to end users by showing more details. Configure the search results to appear on the sidebar or topic panes, and show breadcrumbs and topic descriptions. By default, the first few sentences of the topic are shown as description of the search results. Now you can easily customize the description to provide more relevant details in the search results.

For more information, see Generate Responsive HTML5 output

Out-of-the-box support for social widgets

Generate Responsive HTML5 and mobile output that is easily shareable on Facebook and Twitter with out-of-the-box support for social widgets provided in the new HTML5 layout.

Embed custom fonts in EPUB output

Embed custom fonts in your EPUB output and ensure that your users see high-quality typog­raphy exactly as you intended, whether or not they have the font installed on their device.

This feature is especially useful if you are using fonts that may not be readily available to your end users.

For more information, see Generate eBook output

Optimized HTML5 output

Now experience loading time reduction by about 50%, file size savings of about 20KB per topic, and smoother transitions between pages with faster, more Responsive HTML5 output.

Maintain TOC state in Responsive HTML5 output

Work more conveniently by maintaining the TOC state in the Responsive HTML5 output. Expand and collapse the chapters and topics in a book while still maintaining the state of the structure. Also, expand and collapse the chapters and topics across multiple books.

September 30, 2016

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