Automatic project merging

Concurrently work on multiple projects and merge them into a single project at run time.

While building an online information system, authors can develop and publish their content according to their own schedules. RoboHelp Server provides automatic project merging, so authors can work on different parts of a project at the same time, and publish them to the same server. When end users view the content, they see one seamless online information system. Do not worry about sharing source or depending on a single author or project—all separate projects are merged when users access the content. Users can navigate across all the projects using the Index, Contents, and Search buttons.

By default, projects are added to the Table of Contents in the order they are published to the server. You can customize this order in the Projects page of the Web Admin interface. When you merge projects, each project file in the authoring tool remains intact, but the keywords from the indexes and glossary terms are combined at run time, or when end users access the system from the server.

September 30, 2016

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