About RoboHelp Server

Adobe RoboHelp Server is a server-based Help solution that provides real-time end-user feedback on your Help and knowledgebase. RoboHelp Server gathers and logs data about what questions users ask while searching content and how users navigate through topics. Results are displayed in an easy-to-view graphical format for quick interpretation. Your Help system resides on a server (for example, Adobe Help Resource Center), and you can make instant updates to your Help system content.

RoboHelp Server contains the back-end processes, database functionality, and JDBC connections necessary to integrate it. RoboHelp Server works with the authoring tool, so authors can edit content, set master project options, maintain windows, and view reports.

RoboHelp Server interaction with different components


note:    With RoboHelp Server, you can install your database server on a separate machine or use any of the existing database servers.

September 30, 2016

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