Third-party HTML editors

Using RoboHelp with other HTML editors

When using RoboHelp with a third-party HTML editor, note the following details:

You can edit HTML in another editor while RoboHelp is open. When you open a topic in a third-party HTML editor, RoboHelp functionality is not available. You can insert HTML code and elements, but you can’t insert or edit RoboHelp features, such as text-only pop-ups or link controls.

Close files in the third-party editor before opening them in RoboHelp.

If you insert an image using a third-party editor, add the image to the project Baggage Files folder. The same is true for JavaScript-based special effects with images, including accompa­nying .js files.

Add an HTML editor

For a list of detected HTML editors, select File > Options > Associations.

1)Select File > Options.

2)Click the Associations tab. Click Add in the HTML Editors area.

3)Do either of the following: Type the name of the HTML editor. Press Enter.

Select an editor from the Recommended Programs or Other Programs folder. The Name and Location boxes display the information for the selected program.

Click the browse button browsebut.png . Select the EXE file for the HTML editor and click Open. Type a name for the editor.

note:    If you install a new HTML editor, you can’t add it until you restart RoboHelp.

Remove or rename an HTML editor

1)Select File > Options.

2)Click the Associations tab.

3)Select an editor. Click Edit.

To rename the editor, click Edit and type a name in the Name box.

To remove the editor, click Remove.

note:   RoboHelp Design Editor, RoboHelp HTML Editor, and Windows Notepad cannot be changed or removed from the list.

Auto-select an HTML editor or set a default

RoboHelp can automatically open a third-party HTML editor for you. RoboHelp detects the editor to open based on the HTML file itself. The Auto Select option also lets you associate an editor with its own Meta/Generator tag to automatically open topics with the editor that created them.note:    To find out the editor associated with an installation of RoboHelp, select File > Options and check the default editor setting on the Associations tab.

You can set a default HTML editor. The default editor is used for creating new topics, even if the auto-select feature is enabled.

1)Select File > Options.

2)Click the Associations tab. Do one or more of the following.

Select Use Default Editor. Click Set As Default.

Select Auto Select Editor.

3)To change the associations between editor and tag, select Auto Select. You can change the HTML editor but not the Generator tag. You cannot remove the tags either. Choose from these Generator tags:


The editor associated with this tag is used for files with no Meta/Generator tag.


The editor associated with this tag is used for files with Meta/Generator tags not in the Asso­ciations HTML Editors list.


The editor associated with this tag is used for files created with all versions of RoboHelp.

Change the associations between editor and tag using the following options:


Associate an editor and a Meta/Generator tag.


Remove an association between an editor and a Meta/Generator tag.

Set Editor

Display the editors in the Associations tab. Change associations between editors and Meta/Generator tags.

Set Tag

Modify associations between Meta/Generator tags and editors by typing a Meta/Generator tag in the field or browsing to an HTML file that contains the Meta/Generator tag.

4)Click OK when you finish.


You can also use third-party HTML editors on a topic-by-topic basis, even if you set a default editor. Right-click the topic in the Project Manager pod or the Topic List pod and select Edit With.

All editors must be associated with a Meta/Generator tag.

Specify an editor for new topics

Specify the default editor for new topics.

1)In the Project Manager pod, right-click a topic. Select New > Topic With.

2)Select an editor. Click OK. Click the General tab, and specify options.

3)Select File > Options. Click the Associations tab. Select Use Default Editor.

September 30, 2016

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