Single-source with snippets

A snippet is an element that you can single-source and reuse in various locations. It can be a para­graph of text, a code listing, an object such as an image, or an entire topic unto itself. When you create a snippet, RoboHelp adds it to the Snippet pod as a file with the .hts extension. If you change a snippet, it is automatically updated in all topics that share it. Snippets can contain images, variables, and conditional text tags. When shared in a topic, they retain inline text formatting. CSS formatting changes according to the CSS applied in the topic containing snippet.

The Snippet pod shows a preview of all the snippets on their individual selection. Right-click in the Snippet pod to enable and disable Preview mode. Drag snippets from the pod to a topic or from Windows Explorer to the Snippet pod. You can also select one or multiple snippets and then copy, duplicate, or delete them.note:    You can generate reports on unused snippets and delete the snippets not in use.

You can drag and drop snippets from the Snippet pod to the Resource Manager to export them to the target folder. The exported snippet exists at a global level and is visible to every user. Drag a snippet from the Resource Manager pod to the Snippet pod and RoboHelp imports the selected snippet file and its associated files to the project.note:    You can drag and drop a snippet in the Design Editor to edit its contents.

September 30, 2016

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