RoboHelp HTML Editor

You can author topics in RoboHelp by writing XHTML code in the RoboHelp HTML Editor. Robo­Help HTML Editor is a text editor for XHTML and HTML tags and text.

Open RoboHelp HTML Editor

1)Select a topic file from the Project Manager pod. The topic opens in Design Editor.

2)Click the HTML tab to view the HTML code for the topic.

Undo a change

1)Click the Undo The Last Action button.

note:    If you switch views after making a change, you can’t undo the change.

View line numbers

1)Right-click the body of the topic and select Line Numbers.

All code lines are numbered in the HTML Editor.

Add keyword expansions

Keyword expansions allow matching keywords to appear for text you type in the editor. The closest match is highlighted. Click an entry in the list to insert it.

For example, suppose you add "RoboHelp" as an expansion. When you type "R", a list of keywords that begin with "R" appears. When you type the next letter "o," the keyword "RoboHelp" is high­lighted. Click it to insert it in the HTML Editor. Text assigned to this keyword (for example, Adobe RoboHelp) appears in the HTML Editor.

note:   If the characters you enter do not have a matching keyword, the pop-up window disappears.

You can add keyword expansions in the HTML Editor.

1)In the HTML Editor, right-click and select Edit Expansions.

2)Click New.

3)(Optional) Enter a new keyword in the Keyword box.

4)Enter a caption for the keyword in the Caption box.

5)Enter some text in the Text To Insert text area. This text appears when you select a keyword from the list in the HTML Editor.

6)Click OK.

Change code color

You can change the color of code in the RoboHelp HTML Editor. However, the content text is always black.

1)In HTML view, right-click and select Colors.

2)In the Color Table dialog box, select an item and specify a color for the text, highlight, or both.

3)Click OK.

September 30, 2016

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