Match bullet color to text

Match color using an inline style

1)Select the bulleted list and choose Edit > Character > Character Formatting > Font.

The bullet and text color become inline instead of being associated with a style.

Match color using a style sheet

1)Place your cursor in the Design Editor, and select Edit > Styles > Style Pod.

2)From the Style list, select the style, and click the Create New Style button CreateNewStyle.png.

3)Under Style Type, select Paragraph Style.

4)Type a name for the new style. The name can contain letters and numbers only and cannot begin with a number.

5)Under Style For Following Paragraph, select a style.

Paragraph styles apply to entire paragraphs and affect the font, spacing between lines, numbering, borders and shading, and DHTML effects.

6)Select Format > Font.

7)Select a color.

8)Click OK twice.

9)Select the text that you want to format. Click Bulleted List.

10)From the Styles list, select the style you created.

September 30, 2016

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