Headers, footers, and page breaks

Headers and footers

You can create headers or footers in topics or master pages.

If you edit or remove headers/footers, topics and master pages are affected as follows:

In a topic

The changes apply to the topic.

In a master page

The changes apply to all topics associated with the template.

In a topic associated with a master page

You can choose whether to apply the changes to the current topic or to the master page and all associated topics.

Create or edit headers and footers

1)Open the topic or master page.

2)Select Insert > Page Design > Topic TOC > Header or Footer.

3)Type the content for the header or footer. Text-only pop-ups are not supported.

4)(Optional) To add or edit margins, borders, color, or an image, right-click in the header or footer, and select Header Properties or Footer Properties.

note:   Any image file you select is added to the Baggage Files folder and is included in the project when you generate it.

5)Click outside the header or footer.

6)Click the Save All button.

Remove headers and footers

1)Open the topic or master page containing the header or footer.

2)Click the Header button or the Footer button.

3)Right-click in the header or footer, and select Remove Header or Remove Footer.

4)Click the Save All button.

September 30, 2016

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