Edit tables

For a demonstration of table editing, see the Table manipulation section of the Easy ways to create and manage tables and table styling video.

Insert table rows or columns

Click in a table. Select Format Row or Column.

To insert multiple rows or columns, select multiple cells in the table. Select Format > Insert > Row or Column.

Select rows or columns. Copy or cut the selection, and paste it at the new location.

Remove tables or parts of a table. To remove a table, row, a column or a cell, select and right-click. Select Delete [object].

note:    You can also cut, copy, and paste rows, columns, and cells within the same table or other tables.

Edit table properties

1)Click a table.

2)Select Format > Table > Properties.

3)Set options.

Set autofit table properties

1)Click a table.

2)Select Format > Size > AutoFit Contents.

Sets the column width to the width of the column contents.


Select Format > Size > AutoFit Window.

Sets the column width to a fixed size.

Edit cell properties

To edit cell properties, you can place your cursor inside the table and click Format > Table > Prop­erties > Cell tab.

You can enter the amount of space between cells. If a CSS table style has the cell spacing set or row or column formatting done, this option is not enabled in Table Properties > Cell.

Select the vertical alignment of the text within an individual cell.

note:    Setting the alignment and cell spacing using the Cell tab applies to all cells in the table.

Edit spacing within cells

Define the amount of space between the cell contents and its inside edges. Add extra padding to prevent your tables from looking crowded.

1)Select one or more cells to modify.

2)Click Edit > Paragraph > Paragraph Formatting > Borders and Shading.

3)Click Borders tab. Click Padding.

4)In the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boxes, enter a value.

5)Click OK twice to apply changes.

note:    The Margins option sets the spacing around the table.

Merge or split table cells

1)Select the cells to merge or split.

2)Select Format > Merge > Merge or Format > Split Cells.

tip:   You can split a cell into numerous rows and columns to create a table.

September 30, 2016

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