Apply bullet styles

note:   When you format lists using the toolbar or Format menu, inline styles are created. Style sheets aren’t affected.

Specify an inline bullet style

1)Open the topic in the Design Editor.

2)Select text.

3)Right-click on the list and choose Bullets And Numbering.

4)Do one of the following:

Select a bullet style.

To create a custom bullet, click Browse. Select a GIF file. Click OK. The file is added to Baggage Files.

Create a bullet style for a style sheet

1)Open the topic to customize a bullet style.

2)From the Format menu, select Styles.

3)In List, select All Styles.

4)From Available In, select an external or embedded style sheet.

5)From the Styles list, select a style and click the Create New Style button CreateNewStyle.png.

6)Under Style Type, select Paragraph Style.

7)Type a name for the new style. The name can contain letters and numbers only and cannot begin with a number.

8)Under Style For Following Paragraph, select (No Change).

9)Click Format and specify settings.

September 30, 2016

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