Working with text-only topics

Create text-only topics

When creating text-only topic files for Microsoft HTML Help, you create topics and write content in the same dialog box. If using map files from your developer, import them before you begin.

1)Select Project > Open > Pods > Output Setup. The Output Setup pod appears.

2)Open the Context-Sensitive Help folder.

3)Right-click the What's This? Help Files folder. Select Create/Import Text-Only Topic File.

4)In File Name, enter a name for the topic file. If you imported a map file, use its name (Pizza.h and Pizza.txt).

5)Click Open.

6)Select a topic ID for the first topic to create:

When auto-creating a map file In Topic ID, enter the topic ID.

When importing a map file, select the topic ID from the list.

Sample of Topic ID entries

7)In Topic Text, enter topic content. This text appears in a popup when users request help for the field or control:

Sample of Topic Text



1)Click Add/Update.

Version-control projects may have more options.


Topics or added code are not needed for OK, Cancel, Save, Open, and other buttons associated with Windows dialogs.

HTML Help projects can include multiple .txt files.

September 30, 2016

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