Testing context-sensitive Help

Test with the Context-Sensitive Help tool

The Context-Sensitive Help tool simulates Help calls from an application.

1)In the Toolbox pod, double-click CSH Test.

2)Do one of the following:

To test server-based Help, select Online.

To test local Help, select Offline.

3)Do one of the following:

For server-based Help, enter the server location and project name by using the following syntax for FlashHelp Pro:

http://RoboHelp Server/robohelp/server?project=MyProject&area=area-name&type=flashhelp

For WebHelp Pro, use the following syntax:

http://RoboHelp Server/robohelp/server?project=MyProject&area=area-name&ver=1

For local Help, click the Browse button, and select a Help file.

4)(Optional) Enter a window name.

5)Click the map file icon mapfile.png and select a map file.

6)Click the triangle and select a map number.

7)Click Show Help.

If Help is working correctly, the topic associated with the map number appears.

September 30, 2016

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