Test in the application

To test context-sensitive Help in the application, follow these guidelines:

If you auto-generated map IDs in RoboHelp, export the map files and provide them to the developer. Update the application to use the map IDs, if it doesn’t already.

Generate the project. Provide the output files to the developer.

If you designed a custom window for displaying window-level topics, inform the developer. The application requires coding to display topics this way.

Install the latest version of the application, or access the Web application. If you install the latest build of the application from a network drive or CD, you can replace the output file with the new copy each time you generate. Put the output files in the same folder as the application EXE file.

Print the Map IDs report. Use it as a checklist for testing dialog boxes.

In the application, click Help or press F1 to verify that the correct Help topic opens in each dialog box.

Update any map IDs that did not work and check the following:

Ensure that the correct map ID is assigned.

Ensure that the topic has a window assigned to it.

Generate the project to retest edited topics.

September 30, 2016

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