Managing map files

Create a map file

Map files are text files that include a map ID list. Map filenames use the .h extension. When creating filenames, use underscores instead of spaces, and avoid using these illegal characters: \ / : * ? < > | # ", $, &, [ ]

Authors or developers can create the map file. If the developer creates the map file, the author then imports it.

note:    RoboHelp also supports dynamic context-sensitive mapping of dialog boxes and topics. This approach eliminates the need for technical authors to manually keep track of map IDs. See Dynamic editing of context-sensitive topics.

tip:   You can lock a map file to make it read-only.

1)Open the Output Setup pod.

2)Expand the Context-Sensitive Help folder.

3)Right-click the Map Files folder.

4)Choose New Map File.

5)Enter a name.

6)Click OK. The file is added to the Map Files folder.

note:    Obsolete files potentially contain map numbers used for updated files.

Import a map file

1)Do one of the following:

Click Project > Import > Map File.

Expand the context-sensitive Help folder in the Output Setup pod.

2)Navigate to the map file. Make sure that it’s unlocked.

3)Double-click the map file to add it to the project Map Files folder.

Export a map file

1)In the Output Setup pod, expand the Context-Sensitive Help folder.

2)Right-click the Map Files folder.

3)Select Export Map Files.

4)Select the programming languages to save the map files to.

5)Specify a location for the map file. Click OK.

tip:   When you export a map file, the original file remains in your project.

Lock or unlock a map file

Locked map files are read-only files. Do not add, remove, or change map IDs in locked map files. Do not modify the file if Remove Unused Map IDs is selected. If you do, you can possibly lose changes in the files. Imported map files are locked by default.

1)Select Project > Open > Pods > Output Setup.

2)Expand the Map Files folder (or a custom folder in the Map Files folder).

3)Right-click the map file.

4)Select Properties.

5)Select the Locked option. To unlock the file, deselect the Locked option.

6)Click Close.

Remove an obsolete map file

Obsolete map files sometimes contain map numbers used for updated files. These map numbers can dynamically call a wrong topic. Delete unused map files to prevent this issue.

1)Open the Output Setup pod.

2)Expand the Context-Sensitive Help folder.

3)Expand the Map Files folder.

4)Select the map file.

5)Click Delete.

Remove an unused map ID

Your map files must be unlocked to use this option. To remove unused map IDs:

Expand the Context-Sensitive Help folder in the Output Setup pod.

Right-click the Map Files folder.

Select Edit.

Do the following:

Map Files

Select the map files from which to remove unused map IDs.

Select All

Click to remove unused map IDs from all map files.

Clear All

Click to deselect all map files and not remove unused map IDs.

September 30, 2016

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