Maintaining text-only topics (Microsoft HTML Help projects)

When changes are made to the application, update your text-only topics to reflect these changes. (If you use What's This? Help Composer, most of these maintenance issues apply.)

Changes in the application affect the following:

The map files used in your project.

The content in your text-only topics that explain how to use the application's features.

The text-only topic files (.TXT) you create for What's This? Help.

Type of Change


Obsolete features (dialog boxes, message boxes, and windows are removed from the application).

Remove the text-only topics from the text-only files (.txt).

Updated and improved features (a dialog box is changed to include new controls, some fields are removed).

Edit the content of the text-only topics so they accurately explain how to use the features or if fields were removed from dialog boxes.

New features (for example, new dialog boxes are added).

Create new text-only topics.

New map files (for new features).

Import the map files into the project before creating the text-only topics.

Updated map files (for new or existing features).

Update the existing map file by removing the obsolete map file and importing the updated one.

September 30, 2016

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