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The API shares parameters with HTML Help and WinHelp. You can create custom dialog boxes.note:    "Custom dialog boxes" refers to the feature that the projects using these APIs have to create their own dialog boxes based on their requirements.

Call your Help projects with the function RH_ShowHelp. The source code for this function is contained in the support files which you import into your development project. Languages supported are Visual Basic, C/C++, JavaScript, and Java. The files are in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp [version]\CSH API. The files are:

CSH API\RoboHelp_CSH.vb (Visual Basic)

CSH API\RoboHelp_CSH.cpp (C/C++, dependent on the .h)

CSH API\RoboHelp_CSH.h (C/C++, dependent on the .cpp)

CSH API\RoboHelp_CSH.js (Web pages - HTML/JavaScript)

CSH API\ (Java applications)

RH_ShowHelp has four parameters as shown in the following table:




Handle to calling dialog HTML Help Only: This parameter closes the Help dialog when the calling window is closed.


Help Source (depends on the Output type)

For Webhelp/FlashHelp: "Path to project start page"

For Webhelp Pro: "http://<ServerName>/roboapi.asp"

For HTML Help: "Path to .CHM file". To specify a dialog, use ">WindowName" at the end of the parameter.



HH_DISPLAY_INDEX Displays Index pane and default topic.

HH_DISPLAY_SEARCH Displays Search pane and default topic.

HH_DISPLAY_TOC Displays Contents pane and default topic.

HH_HELP_CONTEXT Opens topic associated with map ID in dwData parameter.


To obtain the map ID, export the map file for the programming language. Use HH_HELP_CONTEXT in the uCommand parameter.

September 30, 2016

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