Import What's This? Help projects

You can import existing What's This? Help projects intended for C and C++ applications into your Microsoft HTML Help projects. You can use only one What's This? Help project with an HTML Help project.

1)Open the RoboHelp project.

2)Select File > Import > What's This? Help Project.

3)Navigate to the What's This? Help project file's (.chj) folder. Double-click to import it.

Version-control projects may have more options.


All What's This? Help project files are saved in the project folder.

To update What's This? Help topics, edit the Context.txt file. This file is in the Project Manager, in the Text-Only Topic Files folder (in the Context-Sensitive Help folder). This file cannot be renamed.

To open your project in What's This? Help Composer, double-click the Context.txt file.

September 30, 2016

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