Create What's This? Help

1)Open the RoboHelp project.

2)Select File > New > What's This? Help Project.

3)Select an application. This is the name of the executable file (.exe), dynamic link library (.dll), or ActiveX control (.ocx).

4)Click Browse. In Files Of Type, select the file format.

5)Navigate to the folder that contains the application. Double-click the application file to select it.

6)Click Next. The name and location of the project file appear.

All What's This? Help Composer projects are titled "Context.txt" and are saved in the same folder as the HTML Help project.

7)Click Next. The names of all files containing dialog boxes for the application appear. These files are in the same folder as the application (or they are called by the application). The files listed are included in the What's This? Help project. You can remove unwanted files. If you are unsure about what files to use, consult your application developer.

8)Click Next. What's This? Help Composer can generate Help topics for default buttons such as OK and Cancel.

9)To include these topics, select Yes, Create Default Help Text For This Project.

10)Click Finish.

The application's files are scanned and a database of information is generated. After a few moments, the new project opens in What's This Help Composer and a summary report appears. You can view this report, copy it to the Windows clipboard, and print it.

11)When you finish working with the summary report, click OK.

All the components of the dialog boxes and windows are identified in the Dialog Boxes pane. You can start authoring What's This? Help topics.

12)To return to RoboHelp and work on the HTML Help topics, save the What's This? Help project and close the program.

Version-control projects may have more options.


To work on the What's This? Help topics, open the Help project in RoboHelp, and then open What's This? Help.

Before you start a What's This? Help project, consult your developer to determine details that might affect the application files and the way you author topics.

September 30, 2016

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