Context-sensitive Help terms

ALI file

A project file that is automatically created in the project folder when you add, update, or remove map IDs. It shows the topic ID/topic match (for example: ID_ABCForm=ABC.htm).

CHM file

The file created when an author compiles a Microsoft HTML Help project. All the files in the project, including context-sensitive Help topics and map files, are compressed and saved in this file.

Header file

A developer's term used to see map files. Developers create header files, which are text files containing a list of topic IDs and their corresponding map numbers. Header files use the .h, .hh, or .hm extension. When a developer provides the author with header files, the author needs to import the files into the project.


(Microsoft HTML Help projects) The Microsoft ActiveX control that contains the HtmlHelp() application programming interfaces. Developers ensure that HHCTRL.OCX is invoked when users request Help.


(Microsoft HTML Help projects) Using this HTML Help API command, calls can be made to the application using the map number.


(Microsoft HTML Help projects) The application programming interface for Microsoft HTML Help that allows a Help window from an application to display. The HTML Help API contains commands for developers to specify the type, style, and position of Help windows.

HTML Help translator

(Microsoft HTML Help projects) A mechanism in Microsoft HTML Help that looks up context-sensitive Help topics when users request help in applications.

HTML Help viewer

(Microsoft HTML Help projects) The default window used to display compiled Microsoft HTML Help (CHM files). Authors can also design a separate custom window to display context-sensitive Help topics.


Characters affixed to the beginning of topic IDs (for example, in the topic ID, Idd_Mytopicid, "IDD_" is the prefix). Development tools that generate map files use a default prefix. When you generate map files in RoboHelp, you can specify a prefix. Prefixes are not mandatory, but they are useful for organizing topic IDs.

RH ShowHelp

RoboHelp API function used to call context-sensitive Help topics. You can call this function for WebHelp Pro, WebHelp, and HTML Help.

Support files

(WebHelp and WebHelp Pro projects) Adobe provides support files that allow developers to import code and enter variables. Each supported language has a corresponding support file with functions to use for calling WebHelp Pro or WebHelp projects and displaying individual topics for context-sensitive Help.

September 30, 2016

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