About map numbers, map files, and map IDs

Map number

A numeric value associated with a topic ID. Map numbers and topic IDs are saved in map files. Map numbers are used with applications to specify a topic for calling context-sensitive Help. Whether application developers use map numbers, topics IDs, or both depends on the programming language they use.

Map file

A text file containing topic IDs and map numbers. You associate map IDs and map files with topics. As author, if you receive a map file from your developer, assign a map ID from the map file. If you manually create a map file, either auto-generate or manually create the map ID. A project can include multiple map files. Map files use the extensions .h, .hh, and .hm. The default map file is BSSCDefault.h.

Map ID

A string that pairs a topic ID with a map number. For example:

#define ID_SetupScreen 101

ID_SetupScreen is the topic ID.

101 is the map number.

ID_SetupScreen 101 is the Map ID.

An Icon indicates the status of a map ID:

Blue icons alias_blue_icon.png indicate that map IDs match topics.

Yellow icons alias_yellow_icon.png indicate that map IDs do not match any topics.

Locked icons locked_map_id.png (blue or yellow) indicate that the map ID is in a map file that is locked. It cannot be assigned or unassigned.

Create map IDs, auto-generate map IDs, or import map files to use map IDs. A unique map ID must be assigned to each topic ID. Assign a map ID to a Help topic to display the Help topic in context-sensitive Help.

Mapping table

A mechanism that maps fields and controls in dialog boxes to map numbers. The mapping table is programmed into the application to provide context-sensitive Help functionality.

September 30, 2016

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